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The Dominion Of Canada

A Mari Usque Ad Mare

Matthew Williams
1 July
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Name: Canada
"Real" Name: Matthew Williams
Room Number: M-10
Age: Appears 19, is actually just over 400 years old.
Hair Color: Mostly blond, with white roots and red ends.
Eye Color: Violet.
Height: 5'10

Other Characteristics: Speaks very quietly. Looks almost identical to his brother, America.
Main Language: English. (Even though French is his first language, he thinks that Landel's is American, and therefore will be hearing and speaking English.)
Second Language(s): French, Mandarin, Ukrainian, Punjabi and Dutch. Very strong in Korean, Cantonese, Russian, and Hungarian. Understands the basics of most Eastern European languages and German and Italian. Will recognize most other languages, but will only know simple phrases or no words at all.

Current Physical Status: Healthy, normal.
Current Power Limitations: Has lost all of his invisibility issues and most of his abnormal strength. Still slightly stronger and can heal faster than normal, but can now die.
Current Belongings: Glasses, a metal pipe, and standard Landel's starting material.
Informational Link: [Profile here]
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
"Real Life" Background: [coming eventually]

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(The vast majority of artwork used in Canada's icons originate from http://afmountain.boo.jp/frame01.htm, while the icons were made and coloured by suzuran_lily . I obtained permission from both individuals to use these icons.)